Is Paintball Safe?

ceThere is a common misconception that paintball is a very dangerous and painful sport. The word paintball “gun” strikes fear into many uninformed people. It sets off signals of danger and pain in peoples’ minds. It is a word that has many negative connotations associated with it. However that is exactly what it is, a misconception. Paintball, in fact, is much safer than a majority of other sports out there. You would be surprised!

In my decade of experience, I have seen very few injuries in the sport and not a single one was attributed to getting hit with a paintball. These injuries can be attributed to tripping, weather, or failure to stretch out before a match. Keep in mind, these are the type of injuries that occur in most outdoor sports and cannot be completely avoided. However, pain is another story. Every person has their own interpretation to pain.

Some people have higher or lower pain tolerances for different types of pain. When I began playing as a kid I was nervous. The guns are loud, and they shoot fast. It was intimidating. However, all of these factors contributed to me believing that it was going to hurt, and rightfully so. What I failed to realize is that none of those things actually had any tangible effect on my body. I was essentially afraid of the new surroundings and change from what I considered normal. Once I finally was hit for the first time I did think it hurt, but for all the wrong reasons. The pain associated with the hit was from the shock value of not knowing when it is coming. It was a surprise. The pain itself was actually very minimal. Yes, you are being hit with an object so there is some level of pain associated with that whether it is a pillow or a paintball.

However, in all actuality it is more of just a surprising jolt similar to if someone were to jump out from around a corner and scare you. If you knew that person was going to try to scare you it probably wouldn’t work as well because you expected it. That’s really what it boils down to, your own personal expectations.

Remember, paintball is a safe, family fun activity that a variety of ages can enjoy. I recommend using caution on younger kids and use discretion when you think they are ready to start playing.