One Woman, Sarah Outen, Circles The World Using Only Her Own Power

cvvThere are a lot of adventure seekers out there that take life by storm, and against all odds, come out barely surviving the most extreme of hardships. But one story, in particular, defies those odds to the highest degree.

Sarah Outen, of London, decided to trek the circumference of the world by using only her own human power. After Sarah graduated Oxford University, her father unexpectedly passed away in 2006, which led her to consider the possibility of living on the ocean for several months. It was then, that her adventure started to take form.

The 30 year old travelled the world and finished her 4 year 217 day mission on November 2015, by rowing under the Tower Bridge in London as she was greeted by her followers and her Fiance, Lucy. Sarah’s journey began in London in April 2011. From there she kayaked, rowed, and cycled over 25,000 miles to reach London again. She is the first person in history to row from Japan to Alaska in 150 days.

This unparalleled female athlete has been through grueling winter storms with temperatures reaching -40 in Alaska,

Carry More Ammo And Gear With Paintball Pod Harnesses

sacIn paintball your harness is your best friend. As some players spend $700 on a new marker and drop a measly 5 bucks on a Walmart harness, they will be disappointed quickly because of the limited amount of paintballs they can carry. With a limited ammo supply, you either have to be ultra conservative with your shooting or learn to be happy with a very short game. Spending $30-$50 is a small fee for a good paintball harness that will greatly expand your ability to carry significant amounts of ammunition. The more ammo you can carry the longer you can play. If you can carry more ammo than your opponents, you will definitely have the edge by being able to last longer then them or take fewer re-load breaks.

Paintball pod harnesses are such an essential part of your most basic equipment, they are often included in many of the best paintball gun packages. You will find good harnesses for both tournament play and scenario woodsball with most performing the same functions however different appearances. Pod harness for tournament paintball are great to match

How a Motocross Racer Should Use and Respect Protein

sfsAthletes need higher amounts of protein than your average individual, and there are a few solid reasons why. Protein is a key component of muscles, and necessary to build and maintain them in a healthy way. Also, protein is important in recovering your muscles, and repairing them after exercise and training. However, various types of athletes have different protein requirements, depending on certain factors including their weight and their intentions for their training.

On average: endurance athletes need approximately 0.55g of protein per pound, in comparison to strength athletes at 0.75g per pound. However, all athletes must balance out their protein intakes with the healthy, advised amounts of carbohydrates and fats in their diets. If an athlete were to restrict the other parts of their diet, and focus solely on high protein, then it would be counterproductive, as the athlete would start consuming the protein as fuel, rather than turning it into muscle.

Also, the way you intake your protein is important, along with the quantities you are consuming it. Research suggests that the most effective way to consume protein is to spread it out

Simple Tips to Buy Air Rifles Online

44dTarget shooting is a recreation that can be quite a lot of fun. This is a hobby that has many takers online and there also are professional shooters who represent our country on international platforms. However, this is a sport that has its own requirements, and any successful scene should be backed by equipment providers. Shooters make use of air rifles for target shooting. Although one doesn’t require a firearm permit to purchase and use an air rifle for shooting, however there are some documents that you might have to submit to ensure that you receive your rifles without any hitch ups. Here’s a look at some of the things to keep in mind when you decide to purchase your own air rifle.

Purchase Online

With the internet evolving a great deal in the last few years, it now has something to offer to every human being, no matter what his/her personal tastes and preferences are. If you’re considering purchasing an air rifle, you first need to perform research on the options available to you, and how to make the best of it. There are

Kitesurfing Champions Of Cape Verde

3sWhere Are The Best Kitesurfing Locations?

Perhaps you’ve seen kitesurfing exhibitions on TV, or saw some pictures of it in the internet, and found it to be very interesting. And like many others, you want to know where you can actually learn the sport. Luckily, there are more kitesurfing locations than you think. And because the rise of its popularity is phenomenal, their number is steadily increasing. So where are these places and how do you get there?

Basically any windy place with large open seas or bodies of water can be a kitesurfing location. That is why it is not confined to tropical places or coastal states. Beaches are not the only venues, as it may be done on large lakes and some rivers. As long as there are steady winds and a wide space with water, kitesurfing can be done.

Some websites contain a list of some of the best kitesurfing locations in the world. Aside from North and South America, there are several kitesurfing sites in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, and even in far countries in Asia and Africa.

Because the kitesurfing phenomenon

Safety Tips When Whitewater Rafting for the First Time

43So, you booked a whitewater rafting trip? Congratulations, you’re about to embark on the most exhilarating trip of a lifetime! I’m sure you did lots of research and found the best outfitter in your area, but now that the trip is getting closer, you may be getting a bit nervous. This is completely normal! Having a bit of anxiety and fear is a good thing when it comes to whitewater rafting, it means that you have respect for the river and the water. More accidents happen when carelessness and inattention come into play. So, let that fear and anxiety loom. Read this article and learn how to best prepare yourself for your first whitewater rafting trip.

Whether you booked a half day or a 6 day trip, you’ll likely get a safety talk at the boat ramp or the launch area, but here are some important tips to remember.

Wear your life-jacket: this may seem like a no brainer, but it’s really the simplest way to stay safe while whitewater rafting. In Idaho, a rafting outfitter is required to provide type V life-jackets or personal

Basics Of Paintball

seePaintball is a game that is normally comprised of two groups. Each needs to cooperate to finish a target. You utilize your paintball marker to dispense with restricting players to attain to this objective. There are two fundamental sorts of paintball games; Scenario and Tournament.

Situation paintball can occur in the forested areas or on urban battle fields. Competition paintball generally happens on a speedball field, with explode fortifications and the target is to wipe out the other group and “hang the banner.” Players will call these two sorts of paintball by diverse names, yet the purpose of this article isn’t to discuss the sorts of paintball play. There are a lot of articles about that. The purpose of this article is to discuss what paintball is past the playing field.

Paintball isn’t simply a diversion, interest or game. It is significantly more than that. It is the spot you can go to have a great time and unwind. Paintball has a novel environment. It gives individuals the opportunity to escape from their ordinary life and make all the anxiety and issues vanish for a

How To Start A Winning Tournament Paintball Team

h5If you have dreams of being a professional paintball player, you will never get their on your own. This requires competing in big, professional tournaments and this can only be accomplished as a sports team. The fastest and easiest route is to get into an already speeding sports car and get on someone else’s team. The more difficult path (however ultimately more rewarding) is to start your own. The amount of work you put into making the team is incomparable to the amount of work required to actually get the team going in the right direction. The first step is to establish yourself as a solid player. You don’t need to be the most experienced or have the most expensive gear, but you should show other players you are easy to work with and is totally dependable. Show this to people during actual games by protecting other player’s backs and working hard to help achieve the game’s mission. Show other players how committed and ready you are to play and devote time to bettering your skills.

Putting out much effort like this will attract

Paintball Gun Air Tank Safety Tips

321dFor powering a paintball marker, you can choose between CO2 or high pressure air, with most players choosing CO2 as these are the cheapest tanks to purchase. While most paintball guns can use either CO2 or compressed air, the more expensive tournament style markers must use high pressure air as CO2 can damage these guns. While ultimately cheaper, CO2 can be hard on any paintball gun however due to its nature. Compared to compressed air, CO2 is more volatile as it converts from gas to liquid (and vice versa) as its used in little spurts each time you pull the trigger of your gun. CO2 is also greatly affected by temperature changes. A properly filled C02 tank will have an internal pressure of about 850 pounds per square inch (psi) in 70 degree (F) temperatures. A temperature increase of one degree will cause the pressure in your tank to rise by 11 psi.

This means the temperature of your playing environment or storage area can affect how your marker will perform with CO2. If you’re playing in an environment of about 70 degrees, when

How to Prepare to Play

xxxBefore playing many players have their own rituals or processes that they do each time. Although there may not be an exact right way of doing it there are some things that you should never forget to do. Let us start with when you first get to the field. You pull in and being to look for a parking spot. Many of the fields I have played at have grass parking lots that leave the where to park up to you. Typically teams will all park near each other or in a circle by each other to have their own little base camp to come to after each point in practices and each match at tournaments. There is where they can go over strategy and game play and offer each other advice on what they saw the person doing right or wrong. Once you have your little base camp most people begin to get their gear on to play. Always put your knee and elbow pads on first. I can not tell you how many times I have gotten almost all the way

How to Join the Sport of Paintball

paoMany people wonder how players go from the occasional recreational weekend warrior to the dedicated athlete that competitive players are. To be upfront about it, there is no exact formula for it. However, there are steps you can take to get moving in the right direction.

Most players start by playing with friends and renting equipment from the field. This is the best first step because like anything, paintball is not for everyone. After giving it a try, if you’re anything like me, you will fall in love with it. At this point you may want to consider buying some of your own equipment if it is something you would like to do more often. Then just play as much as you can as often as you can. The only way to get good at anything is to practice. Not only will playing often aid in that way but you will also begin to make personal connections at the field. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you will be surprised to see how many people are willing to offer helpful advice. You might even

Best and Biggest Thrill Rides In Orange County

dhThere’s no shortage of heart-stopping excitement in Orange County. If you live for the adrenaline rush, if you have the need for speed, you’ll find it among the many fun rides throughout Orange County. Here’s just a sampling of what you can experience in the OC.

Knott’s Supreme Scream

Knott’s Berry Farm keeps reinventing the big-G thrill ride and its Supreme Scream is no exception. Located on the park’s boardwalk, this white knuckler lasts an adrenaline rushing 45 seconds and reaches speeds up 50 mph. The ride has separate Turbo Drop towers arranged in a triangular fashion. And being 312 feet tall, it’s the tallest freestanding structure in Orange County. Seated in a carriage with 12 other brave souls, with your feet dangling beneath you, you ascend to a “nose-bleeding” height of 252 feet. After a momentary stop at the top, a quick blast of compressed air rockets you straight down in just three hair-curling seconds. Unlike traditional free-fall rides, which end after the drop, Supreme Scream takes thrills to a new level by rebounding each carriage back up the tower for a second drop.

Is Paintball Safe?

ceThere is a common misconception that paintball is a very dangerous and painful sport. The word paintball “gun” strikes fear into many uninformed people. It sets off signals of danger and pain in peoples’ minds. It is a word that has many negative connotations associated with it. However that is exactly what it is, a misconception. Paintball, in fact, is much safer than a majority of other sports out there. You would be surprised!

In my decade of experience, I have seen very few injuries in the sport and not a single one was attributed to getting hit with a paintball. These injuries can be attributed to tripping, weather, or failure to stretch out before a match. Keep in mind, these are the type of injuries that occur in most outdoor sports and cannot be completely avoided. However, pain is another story. Every person has their own interpretation to pain.

Some people have higher or lower pain tolerances for different types of pain. When I began playing as a kid I was nervous. The guns are loud, and they shoot fast. It was intimidating. However,

Dirt Bike Parts and Accessories

ssaDirt bikes are off-road bikes specially designed for off-road events. In comparison with the regular road motorcycles, dirt bikes are simpler, lighter and feature perfectly in long suspension travel, high ground clearance. The rugged construction with little framework and no fairings compensates for less damage in spills. Wheels (usually 21″ front, 18″ rear) have knobby tires, often clamped to the rim with a rim lock.
There are different kinds of dirt bikes for different motorcycle sports events such as:


These bikes, also known as “scramblers” are raced on short, closed off-road tracks with a number of obstacles. The motorcycles have a small fuel tank for lightness and compactness. Long-travel suspension feature allows riders to take jumps at high speed. Motocross engines are usually single-cylinder two-stroke or four-stroke units, which vary in size from 50cc up to about 650cc. Motocross sidecar features includes, bigger engines, usually with four-stroke and twin-cylinders. Motocross bikes are also used in Freestyle Motocross.


It is a modified and road-legal motocross bike, having the addition of a horn, lights, effective silencing and a number plate.

Rally Raid

Rally raid or “Rallies” is a special

Beginner’s Guide To Buying Paintball Equipment

f6If you’ve never played paintball before, it’s best place to try this game first to make sure you like it before investing in your own gear as the equipment can be fairly expensive. Many players have their first experience at camp or a local commercial field or park. It is a lot easier to rent all the equipment needed, than spend hundreds of dollars on paintball supplies you only use one time because the game was too intense. Renting equipment at a field will run a player from $10-$30 per day; this is recommended for the first few times you play to make sure you will want to play enough times to warrant purchasing your own. Rental paintball guns and gear is often basic models and very easy to learn on. Shooting a paintball gun is not a complicated matter, however it can take a few games to familiarize yourself with the intensity of this venture when other players are shooting at you. When you get hit, you’re not only out of the game, but it hurts! The fear of getting hit causes

Military Simulation Combat Paintball – As Real As It Gets

kiGames set up like real life military missions offer the chance to get lost in the scenario; forgetting you are only playing paintball, the adrenaline is much higher and the play is much more fun. Tactical scenario paintball will only allow total immersion however if your gear is as realistic as possible. When shopping for the best equipment, you have the choice of how authentic you want to get by choosing paintball guns that are life like replicas of real rifles, camouflage gear and high tech accessories. Depending on how far you’re willing to push the envelope (and how much you’re willing to spend), you can show up at the battlefield like a special ops paintball ninja decked out with the latest weapons and accessories for an experience you will never forget!

When it comes to paintball gear, there are lots of items you’ll need and want but the main piece is your marker. For a total immersion into the world of scenario paintball, choose a paintball marker that’s a realistic replica of a rifle or machine gun used in actual combat. Fortunately, there

The Journey to Become a Motocross Athlete

cggSome of the world’s most elite athletes live lifestyles that are far different from any other professional athlete. Motocross riders endure the most physically demanding and dangerous conditions and are only recognized by a small portion of the total population. These athletes compete year-round for championship tiles and race victories for race teams which are much like employers. These athletes must maintain their lifestyle of extremely demanding training to keep competitive with other top performing competition. As new technology advances these race machines become even faster and more maneuverable than ever before.

This has pushed these athletes to the edge as racing has become increasingly dangerous. One small mistake at these speeds can cause severe injury to these athletes, forcing them to sit out for the duration of the season.

Training never stops for these athletes as they transition from an indoor season directly into an outdoor season. They are then exposed to the natural elements of extreme temperatures in head to toe gear in addition to wet and muddy conditions increasing the risk of a mistake which can be devastating to the riders. They

Magazine Fed Paintball Gun Controversy

cjFor tournament play, you will find some of the most expensive paintball guns on the market costing upwards of $2000. For woodsball, the most expensive markers are by far the magazine fed. The high price is for the different internals of these guns but mostly the external details. For some players, the fun is found within the details of using only the most realistic paintball guns and gear possible. These players are often ex-military, law enforcement and scenario enthusiasts who love to get lost in the game and become totally immersed in their mission. Magazine fed paintball rifles and pistols do have an actual use besides recreational play. Conflict simulations are important for military and police training to prepare these peace keepers for real life situations. These exercises must use the most realistic gear possible to mimic actual potential events and these realistic markers definitely fit the bill. For recreational players however the extra realism comes at a cost that extends beyond the pricey initial investment. Using a magazine fed paintball gun demands changing the way you play and also requires other accessories

5 Tips to Follow While Buying Sport Gears

frIt doesn’t matter whether you are a parent or not. Sports gears are very significant as they determine your performance on the field. The role of parents has only multiplied over a certain period of time. Buying any amount of sports gears is never an easy task. It involves a lot of perseverance and patience. As this is a difficult task, we have compiled for you a few important tips that can be helpful in the long run. These are as follows.

1. Go for used gear initially

During the early stages of your purchase, you can prefer buying sports gears that are already used. This can help you to save a significant amount of money. There are also many websites that sell used gear for athletic and sports purposes. You can very well purchase these gears and use them for a time period.

2. Always know your needs

You might be having many needs related to your sporting life. It is necessary to know the needs that you feel are highly necessary. This particular tip will enable you to make the right decisions as far as

Some Important Things To Remember When Playing Paintball For The First Time

33ports that cover or revolve around complex rules as well. However, if you are new to this sport, there are certain important things you have to remember and follow to make sure that you and everyone playing enjoys the game. Knowing the basic rules and do’s and don’ts will also ensure that no one will get hurt during the game.

Below are some of the important things you have to remember when playing paintball for the first time:

Remove your mask only in designated areas.

Paintballs travel at speeds as fast as 280 miles per hour and as such, they can easily remove an eye. As much as possible, keep your mask on once the game starts and remove it only when it has officially ended or you are out of the paintball field.

Be responsible.

Always keep your paintball gun unloaded and remove the tank when it is not in use. Keep the guns away from small children as well so that they won’t accidentally hurt themselves.

Never pretend you were not hit.

This is usually considered the biggest offense in paintball. In the spirit of sportsmanship, always acknowledge if